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TList™ 8 OCX and TList™ .NET Winforms 2

List of New Features (when upgrading from TList 6 OCX ):

  • Windows Vista & Windows 7 Support
    TList 8 OCX is the first TList edition formally designed, tested and supported for use under Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 TList 8 is formally supported for use under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4, ME, XP, Windows 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, and Windows 7 ( TList may be used on either 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows but is limited to 32 bit applications )
  • Grid Cell Navigation and Selection
    TList 8 provides support for Cell-by-Cell, Row-by-Row, and Column-by-Column navigation and selection within grid objects using mouse or keyboard.

    New selection modes provide for flexibility in single or multi-cell selection within a grid object and can be combined with single and multiple selection of tree items and settings for multiple item-grid objects in the same data set.
  • Enhanced Data Entry - Grid Navigation While Editing
    TList 8 provices Excel Style Navigation between Grid cells while editing. Users may simply move from cell to cell with arrow and tab keys while remaining in Edit Mode
  • Enhanced Data Entry - Type Ahead Combobox Data Entry
    TList 8 can now support Type Ahead selection during Data Entry and will also filter the displayed items as user is typing
  • Enabling / Disabling Rows and / Or Cells
    TList 8 provides control over the ability of an end-user to select or navigate through rows or cells.
    Individual rows and cells may be disabled for navigation and/or selection.
  • Grid References by Value Name
    TList 8 supports referencing columns (TListColDefs object) and cells by by ValueName. 
         For example
         TList1.Grid.ColDefs (" some name").Width =
         TList1.Grid.Cells (Row, "some name").Value =
  • 3-D TreeLines, 3-D GridLines and 3-D Shadowed Text
    TList 8 supports presentation of 3-D style Tree Lines and Grid Lines.
    TList 8 also supports presentation of a shadowed Font3D style for text.
    3-D fonts can be set for the entire TList control or for any column, row, or specific cell.
    3-D styles provide improved visibility over complex backgrounds - perfect for multi-media applications
  • Drag/Drop Enhancements
    Now TList 8 provides FULL support for OLE Drag/Drop operations.
    Previous TList editions supported TList as an OLE Drag Destination but not an OLE Drag Source.
    TList Automated Drag/Drop previously supported only within VB is now fully supported within all development environments – including within VC, Delphi, Access, even within HTML pages.
  • Column Dragging
    TList 8 provides support for end-user dragging of columns with a mouse
  • Automated Column And Row Resizing
    New methods to automatically resize columns and rows upon demand to fit data.  You can even enable automatic column resizing upon double click of column separators.
  • Enhanced Format Support
    TList 8 provides enhanced support for formatting data cells. TList 8 supports practically all VB formats.
  • Smart Formatting
    TList 8 allows automatically change the color, font, images, even the displayed text based on the underlying value of a grid cell or tree item.
    See combobox editing for details.
  • Automatic Hierarchic Numbering of Row Headers
    TList 8 can automatically assign hierarchic style numbering to row headers in a TList Grid objects, for example:
  • Multi-Column Sorting
    TList 8 provides support for sorting using multiple SubOrder keys - either grid columns or hidden item data (controlled by ItemValues property).
    In other words the data can be sorted by multiple criteria such as City, State and Zip code.
  • Checkbox Sorting
    TList 8 provides a new sorting style to sort items according to checkbox status.
  • Grid Row and Column Title Click Events
    New trappable events get triggered when the user clicks row or column titles in any grid object in TList.
    These events are activated instead of the GridCellClick event for these grid cells.
  • TitlesResize Event
    New TitlesResize event gets triggered when end-user resizes a grid column or row by dragging with the mouse.
  • TListRowDefs object
    TList 8 provides a new TListRowDef object for additional object-oriented control over formatting of data within grid objects.
  • Cell offset
    TList 8 provides support for specifying LeftMargin, RightMargin, TopMargin and BottomMargin properties for each column or individual grid cell.
  • Smooth Scrolling
    Unlike most Lists, Tree’s, Grids, and unlike previous editions of TList itself, all of which scroll only by whole rows and therefore never provide access to the complete content of a data cell which is taller than the control itself ( such as a large picture or very long memo ), TList 8 provides support for scrolling in either a row-by-row manner or in a smooth pixel based manner. Moreover TList 8 can be set to automatically recognize tall cells and intelligently adjust the scrolling mechanism in response to the height of the data currently in view.
  • Enhanced Control over Scrolling
    TList 8 provides increased control over the scrolling and scrollbar positioning.
  • Enhanced ToolTips support
    Custom tooltips for each grid cell plus enhanced tool tip styles and events
  • Non-Scrolling Columns
    Columns may be frozen on the left while allowing remaining columns to horizontally scroll

    Note: Some syntax changes may be required when upgrading projects from TList 6 to TList 8.
    Click here for details.

    Download : Upgrade Order Form:


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