Tips for using ImageMan with MetaDraw

Using MetaDraw and ImageMan together is EASY
giving you POWER and FLEXIBILITY

Use MetaDraw for its support of vector image formats,
for annotation / drawing, for hotspots and diagramming.

Use ImageMan for its support of many raster image formats,
its scanning support, and its support for raster operations
( eg: brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment )

These notes below are intended only as an introduction.
Both MetaDraw and ImageMan offer an array of powerful features.
Please check out the documentation for each for further details.

  1. To copy an image from ImageMan into MetaDraw

    ** Set one of MetaDraw's picture properties to ImageMan's vbPicture property

    ** NOTE - the above is for OCX editions of MetaDraw
                    and ImageMan
                    For .NET editions use 'MetaDraw1.LoadPicture(AxImageControl1.Picture, _
    BTIS.MetaDraw.PictureSource.Picture, _
  2. To copy back from MetaDraw to ImageMan

  3. Within MetaDraw you can Edit Images by Code or allow end-user drawing

  4. Within ImageMan you can adjust brightness and contrast
    Scan images, save and load to a wide variety of formats