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Creating Labels with MetaDraw

  • Address Labels,
  • Materials Identification,
  • Packing Lists,
  • ID Tags,
  • . . . and more

MetaDraw is a professional component designed for layout and manipulation.
It's perfect for applications requiring label design

Supported Environments

MetaDraw is supported in in any programming environment where you may use an ActiveX ( OCX ) or .NET Component : Visual Basic ( VB 6 and VB .NET ), C#, C++, Access, FoxPro, Delphi, even on a web page for IE


  • Do it your way:

    Create Labels using Code,
    or Allow Direct End-User Layout control
  • What you want - where you want it

    Mix shapes, Text, Images
    Any Size, Any Angle
    Position elements anywhere within the label
  • Flexible Presentation

    Set Colors, Fonts, Background Image or Gradients
  • Professional Quality Output

    MetaDraw labels are created as Vector files
    and print out with High Resolution.
  • Tagged Objects - Great for Replacable Fields

    User MetaDraw in Database applications for Mailing Lists and Mail Merge
    Every label element can be tagged with a database field ID
    Update the label on the fly as you cycle through database fields
  • Compatible with Bar Code Add-Ons

    MetaDraw is compatible with 3rd party Bar Code ActiveX and Bar code fonts allowing use of dynamically creates bar codes ready for embedding directly in your MetaDraw based labels.

It's Easy - How to Create Label Applications with MetaDraw

  1. Place MetaDraw on your web page
  2. Set Control and Label Dimensions
    ( Width, Height, OrigWidth, OrigHeight, PicWidth and PicHeight properties )
  3. Add standard Menus or command buttons on your application
    to allow user to select drawing mode or user interation
    Use AddObject method to add a label element by code
    Set EditMode property to allow users to draw, add text, select and move, or even resize and rotate label elements by mouse.
  4. Save and Reload
    Just call SavePicture and LoadPicture methods to save and load in a variety of image formats
    Saving in Metadraw internal format even allows you to continue to move label elements around after reloading
  5. Print at High Resolution
    Just set Current Property to Obj_Container, and ExportDC = -2 That's it - Application complete


Follow the link to see a full set of MetaDraw features : Zooming, Scrolling, Printing, Drawing, Image Annotation, Diagramming, and more. .

Reliability Counts
- Look sharp - Use MetaDraw -

Copyrightę Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.