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MetaDraw Customer Application

- Eyecare Practice Management Software
and Electronic Medical Records

My Vision Express

Product Web Site:

Company Contact: Vipul Katyal, President
  Insight Software, LLC
  877-882-7456 Ext. 600

Practice Management Software and Electronic Medical Records for Eyecare industry

My Vision Express software is a complete Practice Management Solution including Electronic Medical records for the Eyecare industry.

One module, the My Vision Express - E-Charts / Electronic Health Records (EHR) utility allows a user to write on computer forms just like on paper with all the advantages of computerized documents. The My Vision Express EHR system is the total solution for the paperless office.

MetaDraw is used in the EHR module to allow the user to draw on scanned paper forms providing the ability for the user to go completely digital but provide the same functionality as pen and paper. It provides feature to type in pre-written phrases on the image and place other images and make notations. More information at

Metadraw is an excellent product. We incorporated MetaDraw ActiveX control with Sybase PowerBuilder and it was very easy to implement. It does what it states and is very reliable and stable. Customers never had an issue with the control. Support is the best, whenever I contacted the support team they helped me out guided me in the right direction and also provided me sample interfaces.

About Insight Software
Insight Software, LLC. was formed to meet the specific demands of eye care business management, designing from the ground up an eye care industry specific software.

Our mission is to strive to become a market leader in providing eye care business management software solutions and offer services which help to constantly improve and optimize your workflow - and therefore your success.

We have always listened to the leading industry experts - our customers - to ensure that we deliver flexible, cost-effective and intuitive software solutions that will lead your business into the 21st Century. We provide you with the tools you need to meet your business challenges today, as well as tomorrow. Your success is our success and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

We combine the diverse talents and experiences of key individuals into a well-rounded team. This diversity makes us ideally suited to meet the challenges of providing a wide range of business solutions for the industry.

EHR allows the user to write, draw or type on any form using a pen Tablet - Just Like You Do Now On Paper !
You can create your own pre-written text, load images such as signature and use patient data fields such as patient name, age, birth date, today's date and time to insert in the form

The completed form is then part of the Patient-Record
Your forms can be organized by type and date . They can also be "Locked" for legal protection.

The completed form is then part of the Patient-Record
MetaDraw used in the Electronic health records module to implement a document editor that has multiple editing tools such as custom text, rotate, zoom and import

Please visit our site :

From: "Vipul Katyal"
To: "'Jeff'"
Subject: RE: MetaDraw - TIFF support / Dicom support ( Support L-13962 )
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008


Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am very happy with your product and exceptional service.

Every time, I needed your help we got excellent support. If you need to use me as a reference I will be very happy to do that.

Vipul Katyal

Insight Software, LLC
877-882-7456 Ext. 600

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