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Geneva Scheduling Manager

Developer Contact: Sales
Developer Web Site: Forté Solutions Limited

Forté Solutions Limited (Forté) is an Aviation specific software house specialising in Flight Operations management and Airline management software applications.

Geneva Scheduling Manager is a tool that allows airline schedulers to plan and maximise the best commercial return whilst adhering to all your business parameters.

Figure 1: The following is a screen snapshot showing Metadraw in use within the Geneva Scheduling Manager.

Figure 2: The following is a screen snapshot showing Metadraw in use within the Geneva Scheduling Manager.

Geneva Scheduling Manager provides a range of key planning and operational functions:

  • Accurate decision-support information at your fingertips

    • Develops your optimum airline schedule while dynamically checking and conforming to all the operating rules and criteria which apply to your airline.
    • Analyses historical data from previous schedule performance to assist in the construction of new commercial schedules.
    • Interprets and applies all Time Zones and Daylight Saving requirements.
    • Guarantees aircraft contiguity.

  • Automation of labour intensive tasks for increased productivity

    • Publishes schedules to the airline's reservations system and to all other required Central Reservations Systems using standard IATA SSIM file formats.
    • Ensures total compliance at each change of existing or creation of new schedules
    • Securely archives all commercially sensitive information.

  • Promotes learning and improved scheduler performance
    • Measures what was planned was correct.
    • Improves understanding from assumptions.
    • Facilitates faster solutions and better decisions.

  • Fast, flexible and user friendly

    • Creates airline schedules in a choice of bar-mode or spider graph formats with point and click simplicity.
    • Facilitates easy communication of ad hoc and charter schedule changes to Geneva and airline reservations systems.
    • Delivers early identification of crew complement changes.
    • collects information in Geneva Scheduling Manager for publishing to, and use by every Geneva application.
    • Provides multiple access to teams of commercial planners.

  • Work smarter, more efficiently, and more accurately
    • Geneva Scheduling Manager allows you to optimise operations for improved on-time performance.
    • Multiple solution comparisons identify which schedules deliver the best return.

An efficient airline schedule is critical to optimising your revenue objectives.

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