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Developer Contacts: Eric Ferro, Francois Mayis
Product Web Site: Newron System
Company Contact: Serge LeMen

Cut integration time in half and configure graphically your installation using NLFacilities

NLFacilities is a Graphic application for management and layout of living space in building using LonWorks field bus technology.

NLFacilities allows integrators to develop graphics applications for the management and layout of living space using LonWorks field bus technology. This program complements supervision and is aimed at the same clients : integrators and end customers.

It is composed of two tools :

  • The "Designer" which allows creation of the application according to the site.
    Here an integrator may design and position products on a map. The designer can associates any LonMark object with an icon.

  • The "Runtime" which allows the functions to be used.
    The Runtime meets meets end users needs to configure the living space. This program manipulates binding models (relations between the products) and sets up libraries of office models. Each model consists of equipment, and the links between and layout of the equipment.

NLFacilities offers a powerful MetaDraw based graphics editor allowing individual management of each site plan. The developer imports the outline plan, defines the equipment graphics, inserts and positions the equipment on the plan, adds on any drawn elements required and finally defines possible positions for partitions.

The developer and the user have advanced graphics functions, an analog or zone zoom, an automatic scale up or down and cut and paste graphics. In addition, the developer has a full range of drawing functions : alignment, rotation, symmetry, spacing, multi selection, etc.

Once the space has been defined in the Designer, the user can then exploit the building. Partitions can be added or taken out and NLFacilities will automatically rejig the new living space. In addition, equipment network variables can be visualized and plug ins made.

About Newron System
Based in France, NEWRON SYSTEM is one of a few developers of LonWorks-based products that specializes in the development of both software and hardware products. program. NEWRON SYSTEM has been working with the technology for over 8 years but in 1994, the company refocused its business objectives to be the premier software tool developer for automation systems, specifically LonWorks technology. In addition to our own software and hardware products, we also offer contract design services for OEM applications, system integration services and LonWorks training for European Companies.

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