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New Features Include:

  • Visual Studio .Net Support
    MetaDraw 3 is the first version of MetaDraw formally supporting use under Visual Studio .NET development environment. While still operating as an OCX, MetaDraw 3 has been specifically designed and tested for use under .NET as well as older versions of Visual Studio and other programming environments supporting ActiveX controls.

    Introduction of a native MetaDraw .NET Winforms component is anticipated for spring 2003 and will be a FREE upgrade for users purchasing a MetaDraw Subscription License with MetaDraw 3 OCX. Introduction of a MetaDraw .NET Webforms component is anticipated sometime later in 2003.

  • Windows XP Support
    MetaDraw 3 is specifically designed and tested to support Windows XP. MetaDraw 3 is formally supported for use under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4, ME, and XP. Note: while there are no known problems with earlier versions of MetaDraw running in Windows XP, this is the first edition of MetaDraw specifically designed to supporting XP.

  • Includes ALL Features of the MetaDraw 2 Plus Pack

  • Arrow Head / EndPoint Symbols support for Lines, Arcs, PolyLines

  • OLE Drag & Drop

  • Multi-Step Undo / Redo Support

  • Object type conversion (text, ellipse -> polygon)

  • New object types: stars, regular polygons, etc

  • .JPG, .PNG format support

  • Link Style Enhancements (segmented links, autolayouts, center marker, colors)

  • Link EditMode (allows user to create and move links with Mouse)

  • Zoom EditMode (allows user to zoom to selected rectangular area with mouse)

  • Object shadows

  • Embedded controls

  • Save/Load pictures to/from database fields

  • Loading picture files via the Internet

  • Subscription License / Future MetaDraw 3 feature Expansion

    • The subscription License Option for MetaDraw provides:
      • FREE Upgrades to New Editons of MetaDraw component products introduced over the following 12 months.
      • For example MetaDraw 3 OCX customers purchasing the Subscription license will definitely be getting the .NET Winforms edition. A .NET WebForms or Java edition are also likely ( but not currently guaranteed) to be released within the next 12 months.
      • FREE Update Support for life to new features introduced in the current edition of MetaDraw

    • Some of the planned features include:
      • Compression of embedded Raster Images when saving in MetaDraw Vector Format
      • Enhancements to Embedded Controls:
        • Printing embedded controls with MetaDraw image
        • Ability to Drag and Resize embedded controls with mouse
        • Ability to create Links between Embedded controls and graphic elements
      • Enhanced In-Place Editing:
        • Support for Clipboard actions, and Selection when editing text within MetaDraw image
      • Fixed Size property for Text objects to maintain size of text while zooming overall image

    Subscription License holders will also receive Free Upgrades to major new MetaDraw editions for 1 year from date of purchase of MetaDraw 3 and Subscription License. This will definitely include MetaDraw .NET Winforms, and may include such products as MetaDraw .NET Webforms .

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