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New Features Include:

  • Visual Studio .Net Support
    TList 7 is the first version of TList formally supporting use under Visual Studio .NET development environment. While still operating as an OCX, TList 7 has been specifically designed and tested for use under .NET as well as older versions of Visual Studio and other programming environments supporting ActiveX controls.

    Introduction of a native TList.NET Winforms component is HERE! And for a LIMITED time will be a FREE upgrade for users purchasing a TList Subscription License with TList 7 OCX. Introduction of a TList .NET Webforms component is anticipated sometime later in 2003.

    At this time the only known limitations to the use of TList 7 under .NET is the lack of support under .NET for Visual Basic style drag and drop, .NET based applications should now use TList's OLE DragDrop mechanisms.

  • Windows XP Support
    TList 7 is specifically designed and tested to support Windows XP. TList 7 is formally supported for use under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4, ME, and XP.

    Note: while there are no known problems with earlier versions of TList running in Windows XP, this is the first edition of TList specifically designed to supporting XP.

  • Grid Cell Navigation and Selection
    TList 7 provides support for Cell-by-Cell, Row-by-Row, and Column-by-Column navigation and selection within Grids using Mouse or Keyboard.

    New selection modes provide for flexibility in Single or Multi-Cell Selection within a Grid and can be combined with Single and Multiple Selection of Tree items and settings for multiple ItemGrids in the same data set.

  • Enabling / Disabling Rows and / Or Cells
    TList 7 provides control over the ability of an end-user to select or navigate through rows or cells. Individual rows and cells may be disabled for navigation and/ or selection.

  • Coupling of Navigation and Editing
    TList 7 can now automatically initiate in-place editing upon end-user navigation to a List / Tree Item or Grid Cell.

  • 3-D TreeLines support
    TList 7 supports presentation of 3-D style TreeLines.

  • 3-D Shadowed Text Support
    TList 7 supports presentation of a shadowed Font3D style for text. This can be set for the entire TList control or for any column, row, or specific cell.

  • OLE Drag Drop
    TList 7 provides full support for OLE Drag Drop.

  • Column Dragging
    TList 7 provides support for end-user dragging of columns with a mouse

  • Enhanced Format Support
    TList 7 provides enhanced support for formatting data cells. TList 7 supports practically all VB formats.

  • Automatic Hierarchic Numbering of Row Headers
    TList 7 can automatically assign Hierarchic Style numbering to Row Headers in a TList Grid, for example:
  • Multi-Column Sorting
    TList 7 provides support for sorting using multiple SubOrder keys - either Grid Columns or ItemValues

  • Checkbox Sorting
    TList 7 provides a new Sorting Style to sort items according to Checkbox status

  • xOffset property for each column
    TList 7 provides support for specifying a horizontal offset of text and images from the boundary of any column.

  • Grid References by Value Name
    TList 7 supports referencing ColDefs and Cells by by Valuename.

    For example
    Grid.ColDefs (" some name").Width =
    Grid.cells(Row, "some name").Value =

  • Enhanced Control over Scrolling
    TList 7 provides increased control over the Scrolling and Scrollbar positioning.

  • Subscription License / Future TList 7 feature Expansion
    TList 7 licensing options now include a Subscription License Option. New features will be introduced to TList 7 without requirement for a major upgrade. These features will not affect already compiled applications ( all future editions of TList 7 will be backward compatible) but will be available for use by developers purchasing the Subscription License.

    Planned Subscription License features include:

    • XML Load and Save
    • HTML Export
    • TList Combobox Presentation Style ( use of TList as a Hierarchic ComboBox)
    • Simple Database Binding
    • Custom text for tooltips
    • Show TList text during Drag/Drop
    • Automatic Column Resizing to fit data
    • Grid Design Templates: A mechanism for reducing the steps to create the same grid structure for multiple ItemGrids. Create a DefaultItemGrid object. When a new ItemGrid is added to TList, it will then take on the settings of the DefaultItemGrid - OR - specify Leveldefs.ItemGrid - OR - provide ability to define a GridStyle Object and apply it to any grid by calling a SetGridStyle method. Other features as may be generally requested, or potentially as sponsored by individual customers.

    Subscription License holders will also receive Free Upgrades to major new TList editions for 1 year from date of purchase of TList 7 and Subscription License. This will definitely include TList .NET Winforms, and may include such products as TList .NET Webforms.

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