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ALLText HT/Pro

FoxPro Support

With the release of ALLText HT/Pro 4.5 (ATX45.OCX), ALLText is now FoxPro compatible.

There are however certain limitations to FoxPro support for ALLText.


Unfortunately the only events which are generated are those which are triggered as a direct result of end-user action. This means that the following events are NOT supported under FoxPro:

  • ATXGet
  • ATXPut
  • RTFTag
  • PrintThisPage
  • PrintStartPage
  • PrintEndPage

Use of Methods versus Function calls

The use of ALLText's API Function calls is complicated under FoxPro. We have however recently added 114 new methods to the ATX45 edition of ALLText which duplicate the support of our Function calls. There is no longer any need for using the Function call syntax.

While tests are ongoing, we believe that all other ALLText features should function properly under FoxPro.

Technical Support for FoxPro Users

Unfortunately we at Bennet-Tec have almost no FoxPro expertise. We are willing to help by explaining any syntax and identifying useful properties, methods, and events to help you get your project going, but please understand that we have very little ability to assist with debugging a FoxPro application.

If you find a problem which you believe to be ALLText related, please work to isolate that problem and provide us with a zip file containing the simplest possible code reproducing the problem. Make sure you also include the specific version number of the ATX45.OCX control you are using. We will attempt to reproduce the problem and to resolve it, but we can not always guarentee this. We have worked hard to offer FoxPro support but it is a difficult environment for ActiveX controls and there are limits to what we can do.

If we can not resolve a problem with the Control under FoxPro we will try to suggest you a work around.

To request further information.

Copyrightę 2003 Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.