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Telephone Support

Technical Support Policies


Elements of Free Support are Guaranteed regardless of any other changes in policy for 90 days after purchase


Bennet-Tec offers several levels of support:

Free Support

Pre-Sales / Evaluation Period

  We offer Free Pre-Sales Evaluation support in the following areas :
            Licensing terms,
            Product Features,
            Review of Customer Project Requirements


  Contact us by e-mail at
  Please include a subject line specifying
        "Pre-Sale Evaluation Question"
  and include the name of the product in the subject

  We can also offer Pre-Sales assistance by telephone
  Telephone Support is however limited to review of requirements vs our product features.
  Call us at +1+516-997-5596
  Please leave a detailed message including your phone # and e-mail address if we can't answer immediately


After Purchase / On-Going Support

    We strongly encourage customers to include the 1 year Maintenance Support Coverage option with their purchase of any Bennet-Tec Component.

    We offer FREE e-mail based Support to users with active Maintenance Support on current editions of software in the following areas,

        ( * Note ALL team members must have Support Coverage in order to qualify for this support )

      - Installation Issues

      - Licensing Issues / Help with License Registration / Review of License Terms

      - Review of Customer Project Requirements

      - Tips / Suggestions on Getting Started

      - Pointers to specific features ( properties, methods, events ) to meet a requirement,

      - Clarification of Syntax - proper use of Properties, Methods and Events,

      - Review and Resolution of Reproducible Problem Reports
          ( as submitted with simple sample project code )

        Our goal is reliable bug free software
        We have a target of issuing an update to correct any bug
        within 20 business days of reproducing the problem.
        ( Ugent issues can be prioritized on a paid support basis )

        * If a reported problem turns out to be due to a customer error,
        we will notify you that there is an error in your code
        but we can only correct customer code on a paid support basis.

      ** The above elements of free support are limited to current product editions and only if ALL users in the team have active coverage in the Maintenance Support plan.

      Submit your support questions by e-mail to us at
      Please include a subject line specifying the Product Name and Brief Summary of the issue

      IMPORTANT - Please submit each new question on a new topic using a separate e-mail thread. This will help us to help you. It allows us to address each item separately - resulting in faster responses and tracking of each issue until fully resolved.

      Free Technical Support ( under the support plan ) can only only be provided by e-mail. We can not offer detailed technical support by phone.



With Purchase of Maintenance Support Coverage

- Free updates to the latest version of your licensed product
- Free Upgrades to any Major New Editions released within 12 months of purchase
( Requires continuous uninterupted coverage, or else purchase of 2 year support. )

User To User Forums

Share ideas and code with other developers ( NOT for support by Bennet-Tec )

Posts to the above groups will not generally be answered by Bennet-Tec - the forums are for User to User communication only.


Paid Support Projects

      We can come to your site, invite you to our offices, or work with you over the phone to provide in depth insight as to the best way to use our controls and/or how to build your application. We can even offer you to visit our offices and work at our systems where our staff can answer questions as they arise.

In-Depth Tips / Suggestions / Sample Code

        Detailed Assistance getting started on your project

Application Review
    Performance Improvement

Customized Modifications to Bennet-Tec products 
    Add new features or change the behavior to meet your needs.

Priority Support
    Dedicated Fast Response on Urgent Issues

Custom Programming & Web Site Development
    Creation of Modules, Sample Applications, Application Prototypes
     Creation of new tools to meet your needs

Source Code Licensing

Custom Development Services

Custom Development Services include:

  • Writing subroutines or even complete applications to meet your needs.
  • Modification of Bennet-Tec components to meet your needs.
  • Training - we can come to your site, invite you to our offices, or work with you over the phone to provide in depth insight as to the best way to use our controls and/or how to build your application. We can even offer you to visit our offices and work at our systems where our staff can answer questions as they arise.
  • Creation of new tools to meet your needs.
  • Web site development - especially complex rules based web sites.

Telephone Support

Free Telephone support is limited to
    * Pre-Sales Discussion of Features
    * Pre-Sales Review of Project Requirements

ALL other telephone support can be provided only on a paid support basis.

Bennet-Tec Telephone Support is available via telephone from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, except holidays.
The telephone number for Bennet-Tec is (516) 997-5596. 

Source Code

Source code for Bennet-Tec components are available for purchase, providing much more than the peace of mind you have always wanted when using components. It ensures the life of your application, provides maximum code flexibility, and can be a great learning and debugging tool. The power of object-oriented programming is multiplied exponentially when you extend our source code for your own purposes. It's the unique advantage you need to stand out from any competitor.

Note: Please be aware that we do not provide technical support on our source code. It is outside of the scope of our technical support department to explain the purpose of any portion of the source code, nor do we troubleshoot or debug modified versions of our source code.

Copyrightę 2005 Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.