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License Registration

Registering Your Bennet-Tec Product

When you purchase a license we will send you a document "Certificate of License" containing your License Serial Number. If you purchase more than one license ( for more than one programmer ) you will receive multiple Serial Numbers ( one for each programmer ).

After you receive your Certificate of License, the serial number must then be registered by the programmer on the computer where the programmer will be developing. A programmer may work on multiple computers with a single license ( for example a computer at work and another at home and a laptop for the road ). The only restriction is that only one programmer may use each license - the license may not be shared.

To Register the license

    a) First make sure you are logged into Windows using the same Windows account you will use for programming and that your Windows account has admin privileges ( can modify registry )

    b) Close all other applications before registering

    c) Then run the license registration utility. You will be given this option at the end of the installation process, or you can run this utility at any time from the Windows Start Menu.

The License Registration utility includes 2 tabs.

  • On-line Registration: Automatically connects to the internet without a web browser and updates license information on your system. You do not need to access this web site if you are using the On-Line Registration tab.

    Note: This process may not work if you are using firewall protection.

  • Off-Line Registration: If your computer is not connected to the internet, you may use the Off-Line Registration tab.

    To perform an Off-Line Registration you will need to supply a registration code unique for your machine, your user name and your serial number. To retrieve your registration code select the appropriate product below, complete the form and click the "Register" Button.

    Note: You will need the Machine Key displayed in the Off-Line Registration tab.
    Note: You will also need to use a computer that does have an Internet connection to create the registration code for the computer that the control is installed on.

    Please select the control you need to register
    ProductOff-Line How ToRegister Off-Line
    ALLText 4.5 HT/Pro OCX
    TList WinForms for .Net ( 1 or 2 )
    TList 7 or TList 8 OCX
    TList 6/Pro OCX
    TList 5/Pro OCX
    TList 4 OCX
    MetaDraw WinForms for .Net ( 1 or 2 )
    MetaDraw 3 OCX
    MetaDraw 2 OCX
    TBack/Pro 1 OCX

    Note: If you get a Demo or Expired Message in an existing Visual Basic Project, you will need to perform the following steps to clear the message and re-initialize the control.
    (repeat steps 2 through 6 if more than one form contains the Bennet-Tec control)

    1. Open the project
    2. Select and display the form that contains the Bennet-Tec control
    3. Click the File Menu and select save form as...
    4. Give the form the same name in the same directory
    5. Click the Save Button
    6. When asked if you want to overwrite existing file - Click YES
    7. Click the save project button on the tool bar
    8. Close the project
    9. Re-open the project and run it
    10. Demo Message should no longer display
    11. If Demo Message still displays, Please contact us at (516) 997-5596 so we may further assist in resolving this issue.

  • Un-Registering Your Bennet-Tec Control:

    • For recent editions: MetaDraw or TList components
      First - Click the UnRegister button on the License Registration Utility provided with your Bennet-Tec control. This will UnRegister the control from your computer.
      Next - After unregistering the license from your computer, You MUST also send the User Name, Serial Number & Machine Key to us by e-mail at Support_License@Bennet-Tec.Com or by fax to 1-516-997-5597 so we can remove the registration information of that computer from our data base records. This is necessary to open a new slot to allow you to install & register your Bennet-Tec control on another computer.

    • For older editions: ALLText 4.5 , MetaDraw 2 OCX, TBack/Pro & TList 4:
      The License Removal Application.
      Un-Zip the file and run the BTLicRemoval.exe, Select the appropriate product Icon on the left and click the remove license button. This will unregister your Bennet-Tec control and create a file called License Removal Notice.txt. Print out the file and fill in the requested info and fax it to the phone number supplied in the document. After we receive this document we will remove the registration information of that computer from our data base records which allows you to install & register your Bennet-Tec control on another computer.
  • How To Transfer a License:

    If at any time you need the license transferred to another developer, just let us know - confirm the removal of license from the original developer's computers and let us know the name and e-mail of the new developer.

NOTE: While the registration code returned by this web site is valid for only the machine key/code entered, a developer may register his/her license on up to 3 machines for his or her own development use.

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