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Terms of License

Thank you for choosing Bennet-Tec Information Systems as your vendor of choice for reliable component software.

Bennet-Tec components ( DLL, VBX, ActiveX/OCX & .Net ) are licensed on a per developer basis. Customers purchasing our components will be issued a certificate of license. The terms of such license are as follows (exact wording may differ for older components such as VBX editions).

Grant of License

Upon Registration of each licensed serial number, a single developer may use the licensed component to design, develop and test software applications ("Applications") subject to the following Terms of License:

  1. Single Developer Licensing: Each license is granted on an Individual Developer basis.

    Each license is valid for one developer (an individual who will be using the licensed component for the purposes of developing applications, or who will otherwise load the licensed component within a software design environment for purposes such as compiling or debugging applications based upon the licensed component).

    The license may not be shared among developers. A separate license must be purchased for each developer ( any individual loading either the component or a wrapper around the component into memory within a design environment or for any software development related tasks ).

    Licenses may not be transferred except with specific written authorization from Bennet-Tec Information Systems.

    To Request a License Transfer

  2. Multiple Machines: Each licensed developer may install on multiple machines using the same serial number. Thus each licensed component may be used on a computer at home, a laptop, and another at the office.
  3. Distribution: The run-time files ( MDraw32P.OCX, MDraw30.OCX, ATX45.OCX, TList4.OCX, TList5.OCX, TList6.OCX, TList7.OCX, TBackPro.OCX, BTIS.MetaDraw.DLL, BTIS.TList.DLL, etc, as appropriate to the specific licensed component ) may be freely distributed with compiled (.EXE) end-user applications written by a licensed developer.

    The use of the licensed component must be identified within the "About Box" or within the documentation of each compiled application identifying Bennet-Tec Information Systems as holder of the copyright for each licensed component used.

      "This application was built using the MetaDraw™ 3 OCX control
      © Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc "

    Bennet-Tec requests (but does NOT require) that the Licensed Developer inform Bennet-Tec of any applications developed and provide Bennet-Tec with a copy of such distributed applications based upon the use of the licensed component.

    There are NO Run-Time Royalties or fees for such distribution.

  4. Restrictions: Licensed components may not be used to build other component software (such as ActiveX controls, OLE Servers, or DLL's) for use by other developers, unless such developers also purchase licenses from Bennet-Tec Information System, Inc. This software may not be used to reverse engineer the method of operation.
  5. Copyright: In accepting this license the developer recognizes Bennet-Tec's copyright on the licensed components. Bennet-Tec reserves all rights not expressly provided under the terms of this license identified herein.
  6. Limited Warranty: Bennet-Tec warrants that the software will perform as advertised and as provided for in the documentation for a period of 90 days from the date of receipt. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Bennet-Tec disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Bennet-Tec will refuse to accept any liability for damages whatsoever arising out of the use or inability to use this product, even if Bennet-Tec has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Any questions about the terms of this license agreement may be directed to Bennet-Tec Information Systems in writing by post, fax, or e-mail.

License Registration (for off-line users after purchase)
License Questions and Answers

Copyrightę 2003 Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.