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MetaDraw - Adding Animated GIF images to Applications
For desktop and Web applications

MetaDraw as an Animated GIF container


  • Mix multiple animated GIFs within an overall layout in destop applications ( Visual Basic, C#, C++, . . .) as well as witihin a web page.

  • Drag & Drop Arrangement / Layout
    Allow users to select an Animated GIF, drag and resize for the desired position.

  • Connect Annimated GIFS as nodes in diagrams and flow charts. Diagram links automatically maintain their connection as the elements are moved.

  • Save and Restore the full layout - multiple Animated GIFs along with other images, text, diagram links, . . to a single file or database field.

  • Scroll and Zoom are fully supported

Animated GIFS can be used to draw attention to critical steps in a flow chart, or urgent status indicators in a process flow diagram or SCADA interface.

Supported Environments
Here we see MetaDraw in a web page. You can easily do the same using MetaDraw in any Windows programming environment ( VB 6, VB.NET, C++, C# , Delphi, FoxPro, Access, ...). To see the sample code used in the Web example below, just right click on the web page and select "View Source"

This feature requires requires purchase of the MetaDraw 3 OCX edition with the Maintenance Support option. GIF animation is not currently supported in the MetaDraw .NET Winforms edition) Support license )

Full Feature Set
See the full feature set

Web Demo - Example Showing Animated Gifs in your browser


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