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Creating and Responding to Hotspots on an Image

MetaDraw is the ideal tool for creating hotspots and reacting to user mouse actions over an image. MetaDraw can be used in stand-alone Windows EXE applications or within a web page as shown here.

The sample below shows how easy it is to provide support for Hotspots within your application - Here you can load a picture, draw shaped areas, assign names to each area drawn, and then switch to test mode to try out the hotspot features. You'll see the mouse cursor change as you move over a hotspot, You'll also see the textbox indicate which hotspot you are over, and you'll get a message pop-up when you click on a hotspot.

Typical uses include - hotspotting parking lots, marinas, airports, theaters, machinery, or even medical images in order to provide the user with feedback when over certain areas, or to capture user interaction with the image when clicking on particular features. For instance you could set up application to trap when user clicks on a table in a restaurant and then set that as reserved or free

Don't forget - MetaDraw can also be used for Drawing, Diagramming, Annotation, Mapping, Arranging Images, Animation, and much more.


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