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MetaDraw - Picture Slide Puzzle /Web demonstration

Puzzle Demo - How it works

This example illustrates the use of MetaDraw to drag and drop image elements - in this case implementing the familiar children's picture slide puzzle game.

Here we load an initial image and dynamically slice it up into different pieces, each of which can be separately dragged by the user. Hidden object tags are set as properties of each piece to uniquely identify the piece and where it belongs. Then the pieces are randomly rearranged. As the user drags each piece MetaDraw generates an event allowing us to check the positioning, avoid overlaps, and recognize when the puzzle is solved.

Puzzle Demo - Give it a try

Test your skills!

Object: To un-scramble the picture in the least amount of time.

How to play: Select and move puzzle pieces so that the puzzle matches the picture on the right. The label below the puzzle keeps track of how many puzzle pieces are in the correct position. When you have completed the puzzle your completion time will be displayed.


Visual Basic MetaDraw 3 Puzzle Sample.

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