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- Flexibility as a List, TreeView, ListView, Grid

Screen Captures

A picture is worth a thousand words (or at least a few kilobytes), so we're giving you a glimpse of what TList can do for you!

TList as a List of Images

TList as a Tree with checkboxes

TList as Property Editor

RTF Formatting and Checkboxes used in TList as list for Search Engine Results

Text Editing and Checkboxes in a Grid

Checkbox in ItemGrids ( child grids of a tree node )

ComboBox Editing in Column 2
ComboBox in Column 3 used for automated "Smart" formatting based on cell values

Pull-Out Calendar Selection in ItemGrid

TList for File Directory Display

TList together with MetaDraw showing connected nodes relationship

TList together with MetaDraw showing connected nodes relationship in two trees.

TList as TreeGrid with alternating colored Rows

Unicode Support - mixing languages - TList as TreeView and also as a Tree with ItemGrids

TList used as a GANT chart

Samples from customer applications

Micro Estimating Systems, Inc. - offers Computer Aided Estimating and Manufacturing Process Management software for the Machining and Fabrication industries.

The (MSE) Machine Shop Estimating application serves as an engineering based process planning and cost estimating system for manufacturers and job shops. MSE calculates precise machining times and accurate total product costs according to company-specific estimating procedures. The software provides process planning, machine process layouts and comprehensive management functions

    TList is used throughout the application - Programmer Craig Hoffman wrote "Your product is still great and we use it in 91 of our 354 forms. We rely on it tremendously. "

    One example of TList's use is in the fully integrated Multi-Level Bill of Materials system. Each BOM holds up to five different component levels, and can be nested infinitely to handle any size assembly. BOMs can contain purchased as well as manufactured parts.

    TList as Bill Of Materials

    TList in grid for data collection feeding into calculating Material Nedds

    TList in grid with dropdown editing - for Routing Input form

Ergo Partners' CareManager - clinical patient medical records managment. CareManager documents the patient encounter from admission through assessment, diagnosis, order processing, care planning, care delivery, inter-disciplinary communication and discharge.

TList - as Checkbox selection list

CSIRO Entomology' BioLink Software - offers Integrated software for the collection, maintenance, analysis, application and dissemination of taxonomic, biodiversity and environmental information. TList is used as a front end to a Taxonomic database managing huge tree's (> 100,000 items).

  • BioLink - Site Explorer The material management components of BioLink manage information relating to specimens and observations of specimens. This includes things such as collecting sites and collecting events, the nature of the material ecountered, storage locations within collections and associations between specimens. The Site Explorer is used to visually manage collection material. It displays a list of all or any subset of the items held in the database, includes a Find facility to search for individual items and allows commonly used items to be stored as Favorites.
  • BioLink - Taxon Explorer

    BioLink uses the TList based Taxon Explorer to graphically manage taxon names, their classification and all information relating to them. The Explorer makes managing complex classifications a simple process. For example, new taxa (at any rank) are added directly to the Explorer in their proper position in the classification. Once entered, a classification is easily modified using "drag and drop". This includes changing rank (for example from subspecies to species), creating synonyms by combining taxa, and changing classification (for example changing generic assignments). In addition, the Taxon Explorer allows taxa to be ordered alphabetically or in a user-specified order.

WorldTRAIN Software for Windows - lets you train small and large groups of people remotely via the Internet. Tools include a script builder, text-to-speech technology, directed web browsing (Internet Explorer is required), chalkboard, and text-chat. Includes support for audio and video streams and all manners of content supported by Internet Explorer.
TList is used for the script builder. See the left pane of the screenshot.

Track Data Corporation provides direct access brokerage, real-time financial market data, news, and research to institutional and individual investors through dedicated telecommunication lines and the Internet.

We use TList as a grid to display headlines in our application, NewsWatch.

Bennet-Tec's techinical support on TList is superb.

Meir Dinkels
NewsWatch Developer

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