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What We're About - Our Mission

At Bennet-Tec, our mission is: Making you look sharp!

Making you look sharp: It is our belief that our software should give the user control by providing power and productivity. After all... if users find their software easy and natural to use, they will be more productive. We also believe software should be designed and built for speed, flexibility, reliability and scalability. We accomplish all of this with the firm foundation of proven development tools, ingenuity, solid design and experience. Saving the universe one line of code at a time, makes you look sharp!

Reliability, flexiblity, service, and ingenuity are priority at Bennet-Tec.

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. is a software development firm nestled in the heart of Jericho, Long Island - just east of New York City. Founded by its president, Jeff Bennett in November, 1992. The company launched its first component, ALLTextTM in June 1993. Shortly after the release of ALLTextTM, Bennet-Tec released TListTM and MetaDrawTM to better reflect our expanding focus on Microsoft's developement environment and off the shelf programming tools.

Bennet-Tec specializes in selling add-on tools for Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Studio.NET via our website. The core business centers around Microsoft's computing technology and the third party software market supporting it. Via our website, we focus on production, resale and support of our add-on tools that enhance and provide additional functionality to Visual Basic and Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft's programming systems for Windows.

Bennet-Tec grew out of a need of Microsoft developers to find add-on tools for use in the specialized areas of Visual Basic and Visual Studio. Our goal is to provide Fast, Flexible, Reliable Components for Professional Programmers.

Bennet-Tec also offer price discounts off of the retail prices based on the number of licenses purchased. Our Website offer you a wealth of information on our products, by giving you full product descriptions written by our developers who have actually designed, used and tested our software.

As a registered Microsoft Solution Provider,
Bennet-Tec additionally offers its expertise in providing a full range of Custom Software Solutions.

Our website is here for your use, and we want to provide the information you need. Please let us know what you think.

Future Directions

Bennet-Tec is fully committed to continued support for our line of custom controls and development tools.

We will continue to release major updates to our complete line of ActiveX and .Net components.

One of our recent products is UpdateLiveTM - originally designed to help our customers keep up to date and ensure they have the most recent updates for our products, UpdateLive is now available to help any software publisher keep his own products and data up to date on a customer PC.

Our newest product Web SignatureTM - captures handwritten signatures and can submit them to a server over the Internet.

Recent updates to our existing custom controls include our newest editions of:

  • TList - TList 8 OCX & TList.Net WinForms 2
  • MetaDraw - MetaDraw 3 OCX & MetaDraw.Net WinForms 2
  • Web Signature - Web Signature provides for simple signature capture within a web page from mobile devices ( tablets and smart phones ) to your central web server.

Bennet-Tec is also fully committed to Internet technologies including Java and Microsoft's VB Script. All recent editions of Bennet-Tec components are supported for use on Web pages within Microsoft Internet Explorer, and for use as elements of Active Server Pages for use in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Working with our affiliate Vanguard Software Bennet-Tec is also deeply involved in the creation of new Internet technology and the building of Smart web servers. Vanguard DecisionScriptTM is a new Web development tool offering a high performance web server combined with a unique Server based script processing engine and a scripting development environment. DecisionScript web sites are session based and dynamically create web pages as part of a JavaScript session developed as an integrated whole along the lines of traditional application development rather than as bits and pieces of code embedded in isolated ASP type pages. DecisionScript has built in decision support intelligence based on a decision tree processing model, built in support for dynamically created 2 and 3-d graphics.

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Fast, Flexible, Reliable Components for Professional Programmers

Bennet-Tec makes you look sharp!

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