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SQLightning WebForms for .Net Framework - Improves the response time of Web applications accessing large databases and it's EASY to use.

Great for new applications. Existing applications may be enhanced in minutes with minimal effort.

It's as simple as...

  • create a standard ASP.NET application using the standard SqlDataAdapter object.
  • add the SQLightning component
  • replace the SqlDataAdapter.Fill method by the SQLightning.FillPage in your code

That's it! Lightning easy and Lightning results - watch your application run faster than ever before.

Compatibility !
SQLightning is compatible, and especially designed for use, with the standard Microsoft DataGrid.

SQLightning may also be used with other Web Forms Grids or server side components operating in a similar manner which need to page through data pulled in from the standard SQLDataAdapter.

Risk Free !
Try it out. Like all Bennet-Tec components SQLightning may be used in evaluation mode for 30 days before purchase. Bennet-Tec also offers a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee after purchase.

Reliability and Support !
Bennet-Tec has been providing Reliable Software components to developers world wide for mission critical and commercial applications since 1993. A name you can trust and support you can count on.

New For 2003

TList WinForms for .Net
Formal Release

May 6, 2003

Bennet-Tec proudly announces the release of our eagerly anticipated TList WinForms for .Net component. Bennet-Tec's TList WinForms for .Net is a Tree / List / Grid component featuring BLAZING SPEED. And the Fastest Tree and Grid in town is also the most reliable, with a 9-year history of support and innovation. TList WinForms for .Net is the first version of Bennet-Tec's popular TList control that is compatible within both XP and .NET environments.

TList WinForms features: Multiple Columns. Printing, In-Place Data Entry ( Text, DropDown, Checkboxes), Multiple Fonts, Colors , Images, Formatting by Hierarchic Level, WordWrap, Fast Search and Sort, Internet HyperLinks, Multiple Selections, Clipboard Support . File I/O, Hidden Items and MUCH MORE...

New Features

Some of the New Features You

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