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Bennet-Tec is begining an experiment - we'd like to interview users of Bennet-Tec components and write about you and your applications. The resulting articles will be posted to the Bennet-Tec web site along with your name, photo, company information, product information . . .        

What our customers are saying...

The following are comments from users of Bennet-Tec components.
Please let us know if you'd like to be added to the list.        

Date: Thu, Dec 13, 2018
From: ChanSoo Jang

Thanks for the new code and The test with was successful. . . .

With graphics made by MetaDraw in my program, the users are satisfied specially at wmf file format which maintain high resolution regardless of the size of the graphic.

And reputation of my program is increased.

From: John Tappero
Date: Fri, Apr 13, 2018

Thanks for the new code and The test with was successful. . . .

For almost two decades, the TList OCX has been an integral part of our flagship product, serving a critical role in allowing our hundreds of clients to visually configure their salespoint product item trees and reserved seating configurations. Aside from some early implantation bugs on our side, it performs flawlessly. In fact, the only time we’ve reached out Bennett-Tec for TList support was to periodically upgrade it to newer versions in support of new Windows operating systems. Other than that, it’s been a rock solid OCX and truly “out of sight, out of mind”. Thank you for a stellar product.

John Tappero
Sr. Software Engineer/Architect
- accesso Siriusware

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017
From: Zoran Prastalo

HiQ Software Consulting Inc..

I wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys did a really good job.

In search for a suitable object 19 years ago, I came across Bennet-Tec’s TList. It looked promising, but the only information I could find about the object were a few testimonials and screenshots. I decided to give it a try and after several upgrades, it is still the core of our software. It is used to present complex sets of data as well as dynamically generate data entry screens based on users’ needs.

Seven years later there was a need to add diagrams to our Food Safety Management Software and this time there was no hesitation, MetaDraw was the object of choice. It allows us to create and store diagrams, create our own shapes, store additional information ‘within’ shapes, save that data to database for further use, navigate through the shapes in a drawing and programmatically control shape appearance.

Our Q22 is Food Safety Management Software that supports food safety at food processing facilities. It takes care of:

    - Documents: Document management system covers procedures and HACCP Plans, their versions, approvals and archiving. Documents can also be viewed on smart phones or tablets.

    - Records: Record management system enables users to design their own records. Data can be collected and stored to a database using mobile devices.

    - Production: Production control system takes care of purchasing, production, sales, inventory and costing.

    - Traceability: follows ‘One Step Down – One Step Up’ approach. Tracing an ingredient or a product can be done in a matter of minutes or less.

    - Data analysis: Customized reports can be developed for specific data analysis.

If your new program is about hierarchical data or drawings of any kind, I highly recommend both of these objects. Yes, they do require time to master them, but the rewards are many.

Zoran Prastalo, President
HiQ Software Consulting Inc.

Date: 3 July 2013
From: Bugru Eser / NATO

Dear Tlist Support Team,

We’ve been using TList since from 2007 and have been very happy with it. It is easy to use and also powerful in terms of providing nice futures like combining both Tree View, Combo Box and List components. It also has a really fast loading time. It is been very useful to have .Net compatible version of the tool for our development team. I think the new release supports .Net framework 3.5 and up. We think that this is an important enhancement and have been planning to upgrade to the latest version of TList. I’ll let you know once we finalize the decision.

Many thanks for your support.

Kind Regards,
Eser Bugru
Software Engineer
NATO Communications and Information Agency - The Hague

Date: 13 June 2013
From: Fabrice Evangelisti


. . .

We had chosen the Tlist (few years ago) because it was the fastest tool to generate a tree view with data from a database and it’s still true today. It is used to show the structure, all the different levels of a transaction that facilitate a lot the understanding of the users. I’m a big fan of the Tlist ocx and .net and I will recommend it of course for Win forms. It has always worked perfectly! . . .


Date: 19 Sept 2012
From: "Photo Poly"

Aloha Brindle,

Thank you very much for your very quick response, the new serial worked fine.

The TList controls have proved to be the most useful and versatile of any component I have used. Other components, especially file selection and explorer-type components, have become unusable and obsolete with .NET; the capabilities of TList allowed me to replace and better implement their original funcions. The mix of node/grid/checkbox display really helps with presenting the user with a robust file selection and grouping capability.

Again thanks for your quality products and documentation, it certainly has saved me the most important thing I possess, my time!


Date: 5 April 2012
From: Daxton Day

Good morning Jeff,

. . .

I'd like to mention that I've tried several other CAD components for .NET, from several other companies, and MetaDraw excelled and came ahead.

Thanks Jeff,

Daxton Day

Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011
From: "Dameon E. Pierce"


. . .
I did just put in an order for TList 8 upgrade.

I am using TList as our primary list view option in the Laboratory Information Management System that is used by MLA. This is an Anatomic and Cytopathology system that is heavily specialized. We use list views for basic data management such as permissions, but also for selecting specimens, displaying available resulting options, and historic data management for all previously reporting specimens and the access to stored reports and data.
TList has always provided everything that I needed for displaying information and managing user interaction.


Subject: RE: Follow up on phone call - Feedback on the Project
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010
From: "Michael Kogus"
To: "Jeff"

It is quite amazing how much time and money we saved by utilizing Bennett-Tec expertise in programming. Instead of developing the whole application in house which would take many months, we were able to have a production ready prototype in just a couple of weeks.

Communication process was simple and deliveries of updates were very fast.

For a minimal investment we got a large marketing and technological advantage against our competition.

[ Adding the ] T-List update to our application is a big hit with our users and will have a tremendous benefit in simplifying data entry and review of the current status. Additionally we estimate that the training of new users will be dramatically faster, thanks to the great tree tool.

Michael Kogus, President
Persimmony International, Inc


Thank you

- - - - Follow Up - - - -

Subject: RE: Continued follow up - TList Project
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 21:04:40 -0400
From: "Michael Kogus"
To: "Jeff"

Hi Jeff,
Here is another testimonial for you:

We just had a demo for our software that used to take two hours and still it was hard for potential clients to understand the logic of software.
Today we had a first demo with TList implemented and not only everybody immediately understood how the software worked, but the whole presentation took just a little over one hour and they absolutely loved the software.


And we are still in the read-only mode. Probably in a few months once they used to the new layout we will implement in-line editing, but so far it is unbelievable success!!! J

Thank you Michael

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010
From: Rob Bullock

Before we found the Metadraw OCX our development team spent hundreds of hours trying to develop robust graphics routines to handle the drawing and storing of vector objects. After Metadraw we were able to throw that work away and concentrate on what we do best, which is develop software that addresses the specific business needs of the Agriculture industry. Using Metadraw we quickly got to market with an Agricultural field mapping program that was quickly adopted by several hundred users across the U.S.

Hope this is helpful.


Rob Bullock
VP of Product Development
"Agvance is a registered trademark of SSI, LLC"

From: "Richard Whatley"
Subject: RE: TList 8 OCX / TList .NET - Updates / Licenses
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 13:13:24 -0800

. . .
I have comparable products from two other suppliers and yours is the best by far.
First it is fast. Secondly it's very easy to use and as I have implemented it has been trouble free.


Blueridge Software

Subject: AW: MetaDraw - Feedback
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009
From: "Wildenhain, Peter"

Hello Jeff,

I have to apologize - I had this promise in mind most of the time, but daily business had always pushed this aside. But today I try to give you an impression how we use MetaDraw in our product PSItraffic

First I'd like to introduce PSI Transcom ( to you.

We have a solution for public transport services. Our software monitors the the operating of their busses or trains, presents the situation on the various lines and routes to the dispatchers, alerts them in certain urgent cases, allows them to speak to the drivers and to take influence on the operational process, controls realtime passenger information and so on. See the attached flyer for a brief presentation.

Most of the information is presented in form of datatables and grids to the user. But there are also some graphical presentations. For example a GIS presentation with exact geographic positioning of the vehicles on a map. And we also have some schematic presentations. For these schematic presentations we use MetaDraw. In most cases we have to draw a static background with a schematic view of stations and stops and above this background we draw and update (periodic or sponaneously) the vehicles at their current position relative to these stops and routes.

An example is a line band view:

As time goes by the gray boxes representing vehicles move along the related route (downwards on left side and upwards on right side) and the dispatchers can easily recognize deviations between the current and the planned positions.

Another example is a schematic route network:

Here the circles show color-coded the state of various components at each station. This is updated spontaneously as new information is reported from the related hardware.

And then we also have a graphical presentation of the schedule, our so called Graphic Time Table.

On a diagramm with the route as x-axis and the time as y-axis trips are shown with their scheduled and actual (or predicted) progress.

What makes MetaDraw so useful for us:
* visio-like drawing component
* ability to compose complex drawing units from simple shapes
* the ability to freely attach additional information to each shape
* the abitity to "glue" connectors to shapes
* the ability to navigate through the shapes in a drawing
* very responsive support

What we would appreciate to see in future versions of MetaDraw:
* an object-oriented programming interface
* intrinsic layer support
* easier handling of polylines

I hope this gives you a brief impression how we use MetaDraw.

With best regards,
Peter Wildenhain

Date: 10 Nov 2009
Subject: Re: ALLText - feedback
From: Vineet Gupta

Hello Brindle Jonas,

It's great to have the help for How to link two files using HTags?

Your suggesttion code

"I will encode a \cf2\ul1\ATXht33 hypertext phrase \v1 secret action 22 \v0\ATXht0\ul0\cf0 here."
for implementation of Hypertext in application with ALLTEXT has solved my problem very well.

Your are very supportive and the solutions are wonderful and you have the made my problems to dis-appears.

Thanks for your such a wonderfull support without which my project will never complete.

From: Ralph Heiman ( client of Bennet-Tec's custom development services )
To: Jeff Bennett
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009

Jeff is very knowlegable and his staff is very cooperative, no matter what time of the day it is. He takes personal interest in the work and makes sure it gets done expeditously and properly. When issues arise, he is right there to solve them. I highly recommend him.

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009
Subject: Comentario sobre el producto - Comment on Product
From: Miguel Esquef

    [ Original Spanish - see English translation below ]

    Muchas gracias a la gente de Bennet por el desarrollo de este excelente control Metadraw,

    lo conocí hace tiempo en una aplicación que esta probando y me llamo la atención la capacidad vectorial que ofrecía así que me decidí a adquirir la licencia y es la mejor inversión que echo en mi vida de programador ya que lo estoy utilizando en 3 aplicaciones diferentes y no sólo me da la capacidad de dotar a mis aplicaciones de trabajar con vectores sino que ahorré un 70 % la cantidad de código a utilizar y entre un 30 y 40 % menos en el tiempo de desarrollo.

    Lo único que lamento es no haberlo conocido antes al control Metadraw y de no haber tenido la documentación en Español cosa que hoy ya dispongo por suerte.

    ¡Saludos cordiales !

    [ English translation ]

    Thank you very much to the people of Bennet for the development of this excellent Metadraw control.

    I found it [ MetaDraw ] a long time ago in an application that I was testing, and I was struck by the vectorial capacity that it offered. So I decided to purchase the license and it is the best investment in my life as a programmer

    I am using it in 3 different applications . It not only gives me the ability for my applications to work with vectors but I saved 70% in the amount of code I use and between 30 and 40% less development time.

    My only regret is not having found MetaDraw control earlier, and not having had the documentation in Spanish which I fortunately have today .

    Warm greetings!

Miguel Angel Esquef
Gte. DeSof Systems

Subject: Re: TList - Feedback
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009

We use TList as a grid to display headlines in our application, NewsWatch.

We needed the capability to highlight the keywords( the word or phrase that is being searched) in the headline text.

This is a screenshot: . . . .

The techinical support is superb.

Meir Dinkels
NewsWatch Developer

From: Tek-Tips Forum

FossilFool (Programmer) 27 Mar 09

I looked pretty hard for a replacement for FlexGrid, and nothing worked satisfactorily in VBA until I ran across TList8, by Bennet-Tec. This is a multi-talented list/grid control that is very rich in features, perhaps more than you need if you were happy enough with FlexGrid, but it works great in VB standalone apps and VBA. I've distributed it to several computers now with no issues. Compared to the free FlexGrid, it's pricy, but it is powerful and the support is unbeatable.

Find them at and see their other packages. They've been around for many years and are trustworthy. I am not affiliated with this company, just a happy customer.

Subject: RE: TList - Feedback
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008
From: "Paul Abbey"

I have used Tlist with Microsoft access, to create a backoffice system for a large garment manufacturer. They have been using spreadsheets which were becoming too limiting as the company expanded. Tlist allowed them to move to a database, with all of its benefits and without the loss of flexibility and familiarity that a spreadsheet gives.

This project would have been a disaster without Tlist and the feedback from the staff (we all know how much people like change) has been very positive indeed.

The support from Bennet-Tec has been excellent, even supplying sample code for areas I was stuck with.

Paul Abbey
Software into Action Ltd

- - - - Follow On - - - -

Date: Thu, 29 May 2008
From: "Paul Abbey"

The client loved the fixed columns like in excel. This really makes converting a company used to using Excel happy to work with a Access based system a much easier process.


Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 06:17:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Neil Larson

I've now used Bennet-Tec software, documentation, and tech support for over 10 years, and they are the best!

Neil Larson

Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009
From: "Aja Walker"

. . .

Our company designs and manufactures alarm and event monitoring software for large facilities. These include retirement and nursing homes, prisons, courthouses, chemical plants, etc. An important part of such a system is an efficient and effective mapping facility. This allows users monitoring the system to rapidly determine where on the facility campus an alarm or event has taken place. We chose to use the MetaDraw control for our mapping feature because of it's support for vector images and the ability to layer images (important for displaying icons representing different alarm conditions). We were also impressed by the ease with which these maps and alarm icons could be zoomed and scrolled both programmatically in response to alarms and events and also by the user. We have ultimately been quite pleased with our choice to use the MetaDraw control: a small amount of work on integrating the control into our software was all we needed, and we've never had to touch it again. This is in contrast to many other third party controls we've had experiences with that required extensive and continuing work-arounds due to bugs and poor design. We rarely think about the MetaDraw control, which hums along without hiccoughs or complaints. I'm pretty sure that's the way it should be.

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 08:37:40 -0500
From: "Talsky, David J."

I use TList in numerous systems built for our Sales department. These are mostly reporting systems but there are some data input systems too. I have found the control very easy to use and to distribute. The support via email has always been prompt, concise and correct. The key features I use are the outlining ability, being able to freeze columns from scrolling, sorting by column(s), locking at the cell level and formatting.

I would really like to see some "masked edits" such as integer or currency. Something that would automatically control what the user can enter into a cell.

. . .


             Note by Bennet-Tec:
               Masked editing may be implmented in TList
               by trapping editing keystroke events
               and filtering the keystrokes

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009
From: SangGi Hwang
To: BrindleJ@Bennet-Tec.Com
Subject: [RE]MetaDraw - DXF support ( Support L-14252 )

Dear Brindle,

I have purchased several components lately, and I have had extreme difficulties from their support. Your company is amazing. I truly thank you, and I hope we can develop further relationships.

. . .

Thank You,

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009
From: "Alan A. Smith"

Hello Jeff,

Nice to hear from you again.
Although I didn't know about it when I bought MetaDraw, one of the very impressive features of the system has been the support service that was a splendid help when I was initially learning how best to use the package.

Cliff, Andrey and Brindle have been an invaluable help and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Brindle (whom I initially addressed as "Hi Jason") is still providing valuable assistance in customer support.

Kind regards


From: Andrew Dineen
Subject: RE: MetaDraw - Feedback Request.
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008

Hello Brindle

The control is used within the Medisoft product to deliver the Icon Drawing feature.

This is used by consultants and surgeons to illustrate diagrammatically any problems they observe with patient eyes.

The screen provides both templates and shapes for them to work with.

As well as the basic drag and drop functionality our screen takes advantage of many other features that are available on the canvas.

I evaluated very many others before making my decision to acquire Metadraw and I can safely say that it was by far the most feature rich offering of its kind.

Andrew Dineen
Medisoft Ltd

From: "Vipul Katyal"
Subject: RE: MetaDraw - TIFF support / Dicom support ( Support L-13962 )
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008


Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am very happy with your product and exceptional service.

Every time, I needed your help we got excellent support. If you need to use me as a reference I will be very happy to do that.

Vipul Katyal

Insight Software, LLC
877-882-7456 Ext. 600

From: Ken Killian
Date: 4 Nov 2008


I just wanted to acknowlege Bennet-Tec support, specifically Brindle, for assitance this year with a project I was working on.

Our company created an authoring tool for a signature capture pad and used MetaDraw with its emf support to implement it.

We have delivered it to our cutomer and they are very pleased.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ken Killian
Iatric Systems,inc.

From: Glenn Parker
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 12:48:27 -0400

Hey Jeff,

Here's the review that I just left on the Component Source site:


We are using C# exclusively for development with TList WinForms. The documentation is mostly tailored for VB, but it's straightforward to figure out most of the C# parallels.

We needed to use the virtual control feature (i.e. where the control itself doesn't store a copy of the data) since we're shoving megabytes of data into it. At first, I had some trouble getting the virtual control stuff to work like I wanted, but an email to tech support got a quick response which exactly solved my problem. I must say that was a refreshing change from some other vendors!

It's easy to get professional-looking trees and grids from this control, and it REALLY beats the Microsoft property grid hands down! I would recommend this product to any .NET developer wanting trees, grids, or some combination of the two. There are so many features and cool effects that I haven't seen anything else that compares to it.


Best regards,

Georgia Tech Research Institute

From: "Richard Whatley"
Subject: TList - Upgrade ( BTIS Order # s-10750 )
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 11:45:48 -0700

. . .
I really like the Tlist product and find it to be the best tree view product out there and the easiest to use—believe me I have looked a lot.

Thanks for the reply.



Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2008
From: Kyran Batten
Re: Web Signature

Fantastic. Very easy to use and deploy.

Calyx Group Ltd

Subject: Transfer of MetaDraw licence ( Support L-13034 )
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008
From: John Nye

. . .
Can I just take this opportunity to complement you on the MetaDraw control - for the modest cost it provides excellent functionality and has so far met everyone of our customers requirements (health imaging with additional drawing tools, annotations, clip art, etc.) - well done!


John Nye

Dr. John M. Nye
Director of Research and Development

Chameleon Information Management Services Limited.
59-61 High Street Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 1 RH

From: "Jessica Barker"
Sent: Fri, 6 July 2007 08:25:37 +0200
Subject: RE: TList - notes for new Access user

Our product is called QSPlus and is a professional tool for Quantity Surveyors ( I think you call them Cost Engineers ) in the construction industry.

Thanks again, your support is fabulous and my first tree is coming along nicely.

Have a good weekend.


Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008
Subject: RE: ALLText - storing content in a database

Hello Brindle,

We are really very pleased with your very quick support and it works fine now.

Finding a good ocx is one thing, but receive quick support is another thing and often a big disaster !

But we are really very pleased with your product and your quick support. We will certainly inform our contacts about our good experiences !

Thank you !

From: "Mitchell, Colin"
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 12:02 PM
Subject: RE: TList - Sorting with large numbers

Hello John,

Thank you for the lesson in CellDef.Format. That's exactly what I need. I must say, this is one of the best controls I've ever used. And thanks again for the quick reply. I'm a satisfied customer. Keep up the good work.


Colin Mitchell
Programmer / Analyst
Information Technology

From: "Jake Lawlor"
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007
Subject: Re: Follow up on phone conversation / feedback

Thanks Jeff,

I've prepared the case study for Alaska Tanker. . . .

    MetaDraw .Net 2.0 - Alaska Tanker Company Case Study

    Agilitas had the desire to build a very intuitive user interface that would provide single click access to complex voyage measurements and reports for the Alaska Tanker fleet and scheduling team. Pressed with time, we searched for a control and licensing model that would help us create a dynamically generated, interactive graphic driven from the voyage meta-data. Bennet-Tec's MetaDraw 2.0 for .Net was our top choice.

    In a few short weeks we completed this feature of our solution, which is the centerpiece for voyage navigation on the landing page. We found the integration and support from Bennet-Tec to be outstanding. Several times we emailed and called regarding development questions and received a timely response. Although we only tapped the surface of what the MetaDraw control can do, the decision to integrate this control was very strategic and has contributed significantly to the high user acceptance of our solution!

. . . .

Jake Lawlor
CEO / Principal
Agilitas Software Corporation
PO Box 2111
Portland, OR 97208

From: "Thomas Thompson"
Subject: Re: MetaDraw ScreenShots and application details
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 14:08:54 -0600


Thanks for adding us to your screenshots page. The description and link on your page look good. I think the fact that you will link to our website will make it so your page for Drawing Board shouldn't need any more screenshots or contact information, since that's all available on our site.

Feel free to use the following paragraph about my experience with MetaDraw:

MetaDraw is great for CAD applications such as Drawing Board. The vast number of properties, methods and events it provides makes it so you can do a lot more with it than you might initially think. MetaDraw enabled us to implement features such as letting the user define his own units, scale, paper size, layers, and sheets. The ObjTags property has enabled us to save a huge amount of data for any object on the drawing. It was easy to implement very powerful drawing navigation features, such as precise mousewheel zooming and panning, zoom and pan mode, zoom in/out, zoom window, zoom to fit, etc. We even use MetaDraw for behind-the-scenes things such as saving collections of user-defined objects in the Catalog Browser. MetaDraw is a pleasure to use because it is so full-featured and stable, the help is excellent, and the customer support from Bennet-Tec has always been great.


Date: 15 February 2007
From: David Weaver / Capita

Hi Jeff,

No problem, people are always very happy to complain but seem to find it a lot harder to say thanks for a great job.

Please feel free to add any of my comments to your website, It's always where I look when deciding if to try a new product.

We are using TLIST in an in-house application which we are thinking about possible making commercial in the future.

The application is used a control screen for our Workflow environment. Simply put we use TLIST(so much more than a treeview) to hold a list of all our agents, and all the current work queues in our system. We are then able to drag users onto the particular work queues so that they are automatically issued the appropriate next unit of work. In addition to this there are a few bells and whistles such as when clicking on a user being shown what site the user is currently working from and what work they are carrying out.

I instantly fell in love with how easy it is to attach a table view to a particular node. The fact you can expand a node and have a table open up under it with all additional information with so little effort is a coders dream. The number of hidden pieces of data you can attach to a node is also great, not only do we have the TAG pods but all those ItemValue Pods are a god-send, I'm never looking for a way to attach that all important index data to a Node.

There's some much more I could say but frankly I'm itching to get back to the code and see what great new feature I can discover today. That's another thing just so many features I'm little a little boy in a sweet shop. I'll have half a pound of the table views please mister....

Any other questions please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Once again thanks for a great product and such great and prompt after care customer service.


From: "Alan Vranian"
Subject: TList Feedback ( Support 9519 )
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 02:38:48 -0500

Thanks again, Jeff. You know, I'm using tlist more robustly in this application than I ever have before... and its truely amazing software. I bought it way back because its the only grid control out there that supports a three-state checkbox in the cells, which was what I needed. Since then I've used it for a variety of multi-column lists and really simple trees with children. This new application is making me really learn what this can do and you guys should be proud of what you've created... really.

Yes, you may feel free to pass on my comments to prospective customers and if you want to give my email as a reference, I'd be happy to reply to them if they asked me anything.

From: "Marie Chan_Gove"
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 14:58:44 -0700
. . .

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply.
Your company has very good support that is why we are looking into the TList Control.

I also wanted to let you know that our Asvaco Product (which uses AllText and MetaDraw ) was featured in a major television show today in Los Angeles (KTLA-5). You can also watch it at



From: "Richard Whatley"
To: "Brindle Jonas"
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 10:14:58 -0700
. . .

As to my overall feelings about the product I have found it really great use. I employ a lot of purchased components and this is one of the few that works and is used the way you think it should. Some are so counter intuitive I wonder why I bought them. The methods, events, etc are all very intuitive in Tlist. I made a very large conversion from using the Microsoft treview to Tlist (really was dreading doing it, too.) The amount of code was at least 75% less and it took me only a few days to convert. I now have a better product as well. BTW the documentation and examples are pertty good.


Rich W

From: Mike Kamish
Subject: Re: MetaDraw - simulating Buttons using OT_Image objects ( SUPPORT L-6266 )
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004

Thank you so much. You folks are the BEST! We are very impressed with the control and your excellent (outstanding) support - and have recommended your company and MetaDraw to multiple customers, companies and associates.

Thank you again,

Mike Kamish
President, Bio-Optronics, Inc.
333 Metro Park
Rochester, NY 14623

From: "Alan"
To: "'Brindle Jonas'"
Subject: RE: TList - Customizing Checkbox appearance and Behavior ( SUPPORT L-6247 )
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004

Brindle, as before your solutions were perfect and the power of tlist continues to amaze me! I set the check boxes to 500 and OR'd the parameters and it is doing *exactly* what I need. I've spent thousands of dollars on controls and this is the best money for a control I think I've ever spent...

I also changed the code to use the DefItemCellDef technique... Always happy to reduce the number of lines to execute. I wound up using the ItemCell technique originally as there are several ways to do almost everything in the documentation and ItemCell was the first technique I really understood would do what I needed. So, I appreciate the efficiency improvement, and I really, and especially, appreciate the Saturday support.

Please quote me on my praise for tlist7... And you.


From: David Dormier
Subject: TList TreeView ( Support L-5907 )
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 11:00:46 -0600


Thanks for your help. It was very good in helping me implement the Tlist control in my application. I have an application that went from a 35 second load time using the MS Treeview to less than a second using the TList. In addition, the memory footprint of my application has decreased 3% - 5%. It's almost scary!!!


David Dormier

From: Tom Peters
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList - Reading Manual in Word Perfect - ID #5941
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004

Sorry, I didn't get back earlier, yes, I was able to read the RTF.

After using TList for a little while, I really like the product and it's exceeded my expectations.

Not having a normal help file slowed my learning somewhat, but the examples were very good. Overall even though its packed with features I found it quite easy to use. Still I'd like to have a help file.


** { Bennet-Tec Note - Customer was later shown that help file is included with TList }

From: Jeff Weeden
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Services Provided

Your services are very much appreciated and your workmanship has been above and beyond what we could have imagined. We will be seeking your services again for further control development as our program develops.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship during the completion of our project.

Jeff Weeden
President, Reveal 2 Ministries

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 06:27:47 -0400
From: Bob Velke
Subject: Customer feedback


I am writing to commend Andrew and his team for some great work.

Twice in recent weeks we have reported significant interface problems with TList 7 that were introduced with recent patches. That alone is not great work but I'm no stranger to such rodents creeping into our own code.

The first bug (multiple select) threatened to jeopardize a release date for our new product. We contacted Andrew in, I admit, something of a panic. He and his team got right on it - using the description and sample code that we provided - and turned out a fix in less than 48 hours!

Unfortunately, the second bug (a scrolling and focus problem) wasn't caught by our beta testers so it made it into the new product. A number of our customers tripped over it almost immediately and word spread fast in their online community. We needed to respond quickly and Andrew came to our rescue again. Working from an event tracking log that we provided, his team found the problem and, once again, they turned out a fix in less than 48 hours.

Bugs happen. But I have rarely encountered a development team that reacts with such personal commitment to excellence. Andrew recognizes that your product doesn't just affect your reputation, it affects ours. That's an attitude that is missing among many developers these days so I appreciate it when I see it.

We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers. So when Andrew helps us to be a hero to our customers, he is a hero to me.

Keep up the great work!

Bob Velke
Wholly Genes Software

From: Nigel Higgs
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList 7/Pro

Thanks Guys.

Happy I think would be an understatement. We were using Microsoft's treeview and listbox controls on some of our programs, and they were taking 10-15 minutes to populate (30,000 to 90,000 records from a database), TList has dropped this down to under 1 minute.

Nigel Higgs
Software Engineer
RLM Systems

From: George Padvorac
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList 7/Pro

Thanks Jeff.

By the way, multi column support is a feature I've desperately wanted for years and will use it all the time. You guys are doing a great job on furthering the development of the TList - the best control I've every come across!

George Padvorac

From: Jean-Marc Moulin
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: MetaDraw 3

I have ordered and received your product, and I would like also to thank you for allowing the demo version to be quite fully functional. It allows the user to really see all the possibilities of your product and to start development without losing time. I'm sure also that strong positive feedback will be posted on professional discussion groups (VBForums etc...). I will keep you updated about the APP I am currently building and that uses your Metadraw (it is a flat roof sketching program). Until now no drawbacks or bugs detected.

Best Regards,

From: Preeti Reddy
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Thank You!

I'm a graduate student at the University of Florida and I've been using your control for the last few months for developing an application here at the University. On the way, I encountered a lot of problems but I found the Bennet-Tec customer service very efficient and friendly. I've always received prompt replies to my queries. Needless to say, even my latest problem has been solved. I'd like to thank everyone involved for all their help. I really appreciate the truly American way :-)


From: David Rosenberg
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: UpdateLive

I read your add in the April 2002 issue of Visual Basic, in the Product Showcase section.

If you're like me, it's certainly refreshing to find out the big bucks spent on advertising is worth it!

Your products are terrific, and the personal service is refreshing!

Thanks again!

David Rosenberg,
Parish Systems, Inc.

From: Katie Anglen
To: Bennet-Tec

Thanks for checking in with me on this defect. The fix you guys sent us works great. We were all very happy with the response time and the effort your team put into this problem. We won't need an upgrade right now but you will definitely hear from us when we do need one.

Thanks again,

Katie Anglen
Rational Software Corporation

From: David T. Sherley
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Scaled Down TList Tree Control

I have evaluated several tree controls and still feel that yours is the best, so keep up the good work.

David T. Sherley
Systems Analyst - DTS Consulting Services, Inc.

To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Graphical Flowcharting Language

To Whom It May Concern:

I really enjoying using your TList and introducing it to friends and my customers. If you provide a programmable ActiveX Flowchart component, it will be appreciated from lots of application developers.


From: Alastair George
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Great Control

Dear Sir/Maam,

This is not a bug report but simply congratulation on producing such a great and stable control as TList. I purchased the vbx version many years ago as well as the latest version and have found it to be an extremely powerful and stable control. I have wasted many hours stuffing around with other company`s controls and know how costly poorly written controls can be. Well done, fellas, and keep up the good work.


From: Hans Preuer
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Re: Solution Sample

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your quick answer! That was the solution!!! Now, my ALLText Control works great. I use it for dynamically creating an Information CD in over 10 different languages. I also do all my reports with it! Thank you for such a great control!!

Preuer Software Productions, Austria

From: Olumuyiwa Asaolu
Subject: AllText problem Solved
To: Bennet-Tec

At Last! You've solved my problem and I am so glad. This shows that not only your product but also your support and customer service is TOPS.

Thanks so much.
Regards to the BTIS team.

From: Russ Mellnick
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList

Thanks for keeping me informed about the advances of TList. I just want to say it is a great tool.


From: Mark Vo
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Thanks

Please let your management know how much I appreciate Andrey and Brindle's efforts in making the TLIST product demo a success. With their help, all the TLIST functionality that I want to demonstrate to my management is complete including the versatility of the API's, support and cost.


Mark Vo
Software Engineer, Tektronix Inc.

From: Cynthia Roth
Subject: asp and Tlist
To: Bennet-Tec

I think I have most of the issues with the license resolved. Andrey was very helpful. Just want you to know I am finding TList very useful and working for what I need - basically to be able to select hierarchial items on the web, to control user input and selections. Very nice and pretty fast.

From: Don Skupsky
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList - limiting visible nodes

Very, very good. I programmed my tree just as you suggested . . . and it worked perfectly the first time. Thank you very much. This solution is simple and instantaneous. As you said: "it's just what the Doctor ordered."

Donald S. Skupsky, President
Information Requirements Clearinghouse
5600 S. Quebec Street, Suite 250C
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

From: Douglas A. Perry
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: MetaDraw - SavePictureToFile

Hi Jeff:

Thanks a lot for this sample code. It helps me considerably.

I have been and will continue to be impressed with your company's level of support and quality of products.


Douglas A. Perry

From: Aaron C. Newman
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList - Navigation by Tabbing
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002


Thank you! We think your TLIST is great! We are a small company as well and as we grow we hope to use this control more and more.

If you need any kind of reference customer, etc..., please let me know as we've been very happy with the product.

Aaron Newman

From: Andrew Hudson
Subject: Product - TList /Pro

I am a registered user and have used your TList control extensively in an application I have been developing for past 5 months.

Overall I'm as impressed as I was when I first decided to use TList and glad I didn't go for other tree controls. For me the value has been the complete flexibility, reliability and look/feel. I'm also looking forward to migration to .NET architecture at some point so TList7 will be a real bonus

The alternative is to use MS Flexgrid which would be a real pain since I need to use combo boxes as well as a whole load of other TList capabilities.

Kind Regards
Andrew Hudson
Honeysuckle Cottage
England UK

BPM Consultancy Services

From: Ilia
To: Bennet-Tec

TList is pretty good ActiveX control (this is the best grid/tree I ever seen before). It really works fine and gives great look to my application (which isn t finished yet). I m using Virtual mode very frequently, nested grids (itemgrid) and so on.

Ilia Mamukashvili

Oris Co.Ltd

From: Josef Dirnberger
Subject: TList /Pro

Thanks for you help, I am using TList for an addon to Flight Simulator and whoever has written it is standing high in my most favoured list.

Do not want to comment on the documentation but once one has mastered that, the product itself is excellent !

Please forward to the author and once again best thanks


From : Richard Cassidy
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList Right Click

Thank you, the service and help I get from your company goes beyond a simple thank you, you guy's are great.


From: Jim Russell
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: SavePictureToFile and LoadPictureFromFile methods

Thanks for the sample code. It worked perfectly, and yes it does meet my needs. Thanks for taking the time to go out of your way to help me. I am very pleased with the amount of support you and your team are able to provide.


Jim Russell

To: Bennet-Tec
From: Tony Rawlinson
Subject: MetaDraw - Image Size & Coordinates

Your suggestions answered my questions quite comprehensively, but I have to admit that having spent a weekend with your excellent manual I already have a screen with little textboxes spinning away as the mouse moves.

I'm becoming increasingly impressed with the standard of your software and documentation. With regard to MetaPrint especially, I am uniquely positioned to appreciate its qualities having spent the last three or four months producing a much inferior version.

I just have some time trials to perform and then I'm ready to commit to MetaDraw for my output management systems.

Again many thanks,

Tony Rawlinson

From: Dan Hinrichs
To: Bennet-Tec Support
Subject: TList - Saving TList with Expand / Collapse State

Thank you for your quick reply.

Yes, your instructions did show how to accomplish what needed to be done. I have the demo version and will now go ahead and purchase the full licensed version. I have used TList for years and have thought it to be one of my best tools !!

Thank you.
Dan Hinrichs
Data Services North

To: Bennet-Tec
From: Cliff Anderson
Subject: TList - Web - Searching TList on a Web page

I've never worked with another company that had such good support as Bennet-Tec.

I am now trying a new tack by using Active Server Pages. If this works I will send you the code.


From: Sean Grant

You certainly have the best Tree around (for more than one reason) and I've seen most of your competitors.

I'm already a Tlist user and a big fan.... I recommend Tlist all the time !!

I use the Tlist control as a database explorer in my app. The tlist contains summary information from up to 50 database tables represented in a container/object fashion. When the user double clicks on a tlist item, the appropriate form is loaded. All within a MDI interface. The tlist on the left and the database forms on the right. It works and looks great ! I also use it to represent complex data input requirements. i.e. The user may may have to enter information in quite a number of forms. Using dialogs I determine what information has to be input and I represent this on the Tlist. Then using the search facilities, I work through the tlist and present each form in turn to the user for completion. The user can see exactly where they are in the process, and I can strictly control the flow of the input. My users are thrilled with the interface and I am very happy with a solid product. So thanks for a great product and for your consistently good support.

Sean Grant

From: John Doran
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Apologies and Thanks

We are very grateful for all of your assistance and the manner in which you handled our correspondences impressed us enormously.

It is very refreshing to receive technical support without having to chase up calls and e-mails ad nauseum. Please do keep up the excellent work; you are setting a standard which hopefully others will jealously try to emulate.

Thanks again for all your time and effort.

Yours very sincerely,

John Doran
Kelly Systems Limited

From: Jonas Kello Lundberg
To: bennet-tec
Subject: Object groups


Thank you for the sample code, excellent stuff! My Application now works much faster!

Best Regards,

Jonas Kello Lundberg
Informations Qvalitet AB

From: Ohlson, Breck
Subject: Requests


I first want to say that I am amazed at the speed of your Tlist product. I am also pleased with the emerging object hierarchy. The amount of data that I have to work with ranges from a small list of 10 to a few hundred items to as many as 100K or more. Our current tree would take in the order of 7 minutes! to load the tree, and Tlist was able to cut that down to under a minute.

Breck Ohlson

From: John Touloumes
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList pre-sale question: incremental searching

Thank you for your prompt response and your excellent solution. The searching feature was the last of my pre-sale questions, and TList seems to be the best solution for our treeview needs. On top of that, your courteous and knowledgeable service assured me that Bennet-Tec is a company I am confident in doing business with and having as part of our company's programming resource base. I'll be placing an order shortly!


John Touloumes

From: Jason Andersen
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Looking for a 3rd party Treeview/Listview control

Thanks for checking in! The evaluation went great. You guys have a great support staff. We purchased one license and may end up purchasing one more. We are really digging this control.

Some feedback on the in-place editing controls:

The code seems solid for a late beta/first release. I didn't get any unexpected behavior.

I'm currently using the checkbox and combobox sub-controls. They work great and have opened up a ton of possibilities!

My all-time top of the list wish for the combo-box would be type-ahead selection behavior similiar to the combo-box in MS Access.

Some general feedback on the control itself:

I love this control. We have a database that keys entirely off of a hierarchical table and this control is *exactly* what we needed. I was hesitant at first to use a third-party control but this one seems really solid.

I like the fact that you still use the older windows help system. The context-sensitive help is *really* fast and delivers the same info. VB6's context sensitive help is mind-numbingly slow even after the entire thing is installed on my hard-drive. It would be nice to see more hyper-links developed within the help system. You often reference other topics within a help topic but they are not hyper-linked. Us developers are a lazy bunch, you know...

The TDesigner app is great. It's a nice way to explore all the properties of this control and see the effects they have. Developing against this control without that app would be very difficult.

I hope this feedback helps you out. You guys have created a nice control with good support to back it up!

Jason Andersen
Software Engineer
AdRelevance, Inc.
A Jupiter Media Metrix Company

From: Manning, Doris
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Grid ctrl

You must have been reading my mind. In-place editing is exactly what I was struggling with late yesterday afternoon.

I'm still in the process of upgrading VB applications that used the TList3/Pro. These applications control everything from the scheduling of production on our machines to the shipment of the finished products. The Conversion wizard has been a very big help here. Particularly when we migrated from TList3/Pro to TList5.

The biggest advantage so far with TList5 and TList6, from my perspective, has been the ItemValues property because I can use it to imitate an Access "multi-column" listbox. No more cycling through the list contents to see which item(s) the user selected, extracting the lookup key from the item, and using it to dig through the recordset for key information. I have the 5 or 6 hottest pieces of information safely tucked away with each line item and it has tremendously speeded up my processing times.

I also love the flexibility that the TList control gives me and how easy it is to change from a List to a Grid in a few simple steps.

My upgrade download just finished so I'm off to see what magic I can create with my new toys.

Thanks again,

Doris Manning
Systems Analyst
Johns Manville International
Defiance, Ohio

From: Thomas Thompson
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: MetaDraw Evaluation

We evaluated a lot of different software packages to use for our new Drawing Board program, and MetaDraw was clearly the best. MetaDraw is flexible enough to use for a simple drawing program and powerful enough to use for an advanced CAD system. The perfect zooming and scrolling, complete control over the logical coordinate system, and an unlimited number of tags for each object on the drawing make the potential uses for this software virtually unlimited. MetaDraw is really an excellent control.

Thomas Thompson

From: Higgins, Brian
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject:TList Replacement of Parent Without Deleting Children

Your suggestion works great! Love the tool! Because the tool is so powerful, there are many methods to choose from and sometimes I overlook the obvious method to use. Thanks again for the outstanding support.

Brian Higgins
Practice Leader - Advanced Value Management
Burke Strategic Consulting Group

From: Jachter, Howard
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Simplified complete VB Project to illustrate problem

A million thanks. I really appreciate this level of support. This is a huge help. I will recommend your excellent products and support to my developer/IT colleagues.

Howard Jachter

From: Jacky Tu
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: RE: License fee

Dear sir,

We've already purchased TList Pro by one of my colleagues. His name is Tomas Liu. The software have been installed and used in a project. We're very impressed by this powerful component and think it's worth to buy.

Best regards
Jacky Tu
Spirox Systems

From: David Morrison
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Contact Information - TList users

My evaluation of TList is good. It definitely has served its purpose with what we needed to accomplish with our software. The help manual is well-documented, however missing code examples in some of your methods and events is one thing that could be improved.

Thx, David

From: Delahanty, Jim
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: Update cost Tlist, and registration question


It is a tribute to your skill in programming that I only have to contact your company about once every four years, and then only for registration and upgrade information. Nice work! :^)

We originally purchased your product back in 96, I think.

We want to upgrade from the TList version we are using now to the current version of Tlist. It looks like a nice upgrade, and does some things I programmed around back in 98...

Looking forward using it!

Jim Delahanty
Sr. Systems Analyst
Gulf Interstate Engineering

From: Michael J Lawrence

My project came to a screeching halt just over a week ago when I discover MS treeview was unbearably slow with large amounts of data.

I have since prototyped every treeview available and have been furstrated, disappointed and discouraged.

Then I tried one more product: TList pro. Suddenly, the sun was shining again.

Not only is the control fast, but it provides a superior level of functionality and flexibility. I am able to do what I want to do and FAST!

With TList pro, my project is back on track and I'll be able to get off the porch and run with the big dogs.

From: Rob Ogle
To: Bennet-Tec
Subject: TList - copying from one TList to another

Actually I talked to you about this yesterday on the phone. I originally sent the email, but later decided to call. I needed to use the COPYxxxx methods. They are working great! Thank you for following up with me, both yesterday and today. You have shown excellent customer service. I put a great deal of importance in how eager a company is willing to work with me.

Thanks for your help (again)!


From: Larry E. Marshall
Subject: Grids & (Relatively) Large Data Sets

We use TList from Bennet-Tech and it has consistantly proven to be faster in our testing than Sheridan. Loading 10 - 10,000 records was always faster and significantly faster with more records. It also provides us many extra features.

Your tech support also is good. I e-mailed a question a couple of weeks ago at 4:41 pm CST and received a response at 5:25 PM which while it didn't solve the problem, offered several solutions that eventually got me there.

We are impressed and plan to upgrade to the new TList version soon.


your comments. We welcome your feedback.

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