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Anet Software- AnetHotSpot

Add HyperGraphic Hotspots to any application

The perfect answer to your multimedia needs, ANetHotSpot is the latest edition to the Bennet-Tec family of custom controls. Overlay this transparent control over any image or form and draw your hotspot shapes.

How it works!

The ANetHotSpot control is placed over a picture container or form.

HotSpots are defined by drawing the outline of the hotspot using a mouse. Each hotspot can have up to 10 associated string and long integer tags. After drawing the hotspots and defining any associate tags the HotSpot definition data is saved to an AHS format file, or to a bound database field.
(A HotSpot definition application is provided along with the control to facilitate the hotspot definition process).

When running your application, you load an AHS file to specify the hotspot areas and associated tag values. Then just read back your string or long integer values from the associated tags during any Click, DoubleClick, MouseDown, or MouseMove event.


  • Simple to learn, Easy to use. Become an expert within 30 minutes.
  • Create, edit and operate with HyperGraphic references over any image. ANetHotSpot transparently overlays over any form or control.Works with any image, any format...
  • Adds hotspots of any shape or size. Just draw them with your mouse. HotSpot area outlines may be set visible or invisible.
  • Store up to 5 string and 5 long integer tags for every hotspot.
    Read associated data in any standard Click, DoubleClick, MouseMove or MouseDown event
  • DataAware for easy storage of hotspot mapping, or use our built in file I/O store/retrieve from compact AHS files with just one line of code.
  • MousePointer automatically changes over hotspots
  • 16-bit, supports Visual Basic and Delphi.

Downloads (59K) - demonstrates jumps from spot to pictures (24K) - demonstrates data storage capability (48K) - demonstrates data binding capability


  • VBX, License files, Sample applications and on-line help.
  • Free technical support by electronic mail.
  • Free HotSpot creator application.

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Copyrightę 2003 Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.