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Anet Software- Search 32

What is a "Search engine"?

Have you ever used Internet searching systems? Were you surprised at the speed with which these systems "scanned" the Internet finding files containing search-parameter words you entered?

"Why does my PC take longer to search a single hard disk than does Infoseek to search the whole Internet?".

Of course, Yahoo or Infoseek have very powerful computers.

But now, with Anet's Search32, you can extend the search power of your computer. Even a 386, running Windows 95 can compete with the speediest text retrieval systems!

Normally, using Find File from the standard Windows 95 package, your computer conscientiously rotates its hard disk and checks all the files word by word, what a long, time-consuming procedure.

Search32 text retrieval system provides you a special "search engine". Developed on Anet's unique algorithm, this engine, like those used by Yahoo and Infoseek, does not scan the whole disk. Instead, it browses preprepared "index files". These index files contain information about every word in every text file. Result? Superfast search results showing text strings and file names! Files easy to identify and open one by one.

Search32 from Anet

There are several companies developing their own search engines. All of them provide comprehensive searches and some degree of speed. They all search preprepaired index files. However, several features make Anet's Search32 the outstanding text retrieval tool for you:

Fast, easy creation of index files. It takes only 90 seconds to create an index for 15 Mb of text files.

"I was impressed with the speed it makes indexes. It can create index file for the same time Windows 95 searches one phrase..." (Alexander E. Nikiforov)

The fastest update of index file. It takes less than half second to update index file of any size.

"I was amaized by the speed of index update. Unlike the other programs it changes index file just as you save your text file. You click on Save and index is fresh. It is always fresh!!!..." (German Antonov)

No file size limitation. Search32 indexes huge files, 10Mb or more.

Inexpensive. While our competitors call their programs "text retrieval systems" we call Search32 a utility and maintain the low price so that anyone might afford it. "It's nagware, and it doesn't yet allow full proximity searches, but it's only $20 to register, and it can fairly well substitute for programs like Zyindex or Concordance that cost from $300 to $950. Talk about a great deal. The program allows you to index all your document files and then do almost instant text searches using boolean operators..." (Vincent DiCarlo)

Our Motivation

We are often asked,

"Why is Search32 so cheap? You can't regain the money you invested in development from selling each copy for only $20".

Well, the new version of Search 32 costs $39, but it is still the least expensive avaialable.

We are not staking our corporate future on a text retrieval utility. Anet is developing more complicated, and more expensive, programs. Sometimes we extract a kernel from one of them and arrange it as a stand-alone product for wide distribution.

We like Search32. It is constantly improved and we provide technical support for our customers who buy it.

However, when you use Search32 please remember that there are a number of features not included in the current version which may be part of the future, or available in one of our other programs. Perhaps the features you most desire are already implemented in another Anet program.

A morphology support is added into Russian version of Search32. Now it is possible to find exact Russian words and their forms as well. For instance you can ask for "chield" and find "chield" and "children" or "go" - "went".

If your needs are unusual or extensive, have Anet customize programs especially for you .

Some technical details

About indexes:

A user can work with many index files or indexes simultaneously. One can easily create, update and remove them.

When creating or updating an index, Search32 provides a browse screen for selection of text files to be included in the index.

If there are no vast changes in origin text files, index updating procedure takes significantly less time than creating a new index.

It is possible to index (and, of course, search) text files located in other computers connected through the Microsoft local network.

About search queries types:

Toggle between CASE SENSITIVE & CASE INSENSITIVE language sets

  • Search for words no longer than 32 symbols
  • Search for any particular word with precise spelling
  • Search for a group of matching words, specifying only the word part located at the beginning, at the middle or at the end of them. Example: bit* (bitmap), *bit* (arbitrary), *bit (inhibit)
  • Search for a combination of words joined with logical operations AND, OR and NOT. For example, it is easy to find all files with all entries of one particular word and with no entries of another word

About query results:

Almost instantaneous results for the great majority of queries.

Supported formats:

Both, Professional and Shareware versions have the same number of formats supported. But with Shareware version you can create indexes with up to 50Mb of text in PDF format. Professional version does not have such a limitation.

You can create index and search in the files of the following formats:

  • MS Word (DOC)
  • Plain text (TXT)
  • Web pages (HTML)
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • XML formatted files

Search in XML:

It is possible now to specify the names of XML elements that must contain a word or phrase you are looking for.

When search in index with XML formatted files the "Advanced" button appears on the Search tab of Search32. This button will call a dialogue that will show the structure of all indexed XML documents and you can use it to create a search query containing the names of XML elements.

Virtual Folders:

Using virtual folders you can turn Search32 into a basic document management system. When creating index it is possible assign a specific label (we call it "virtual folder") to the selected file of group of files that will be indexed. Later-on a user can narrow down the search within a single index by selecting the virtual folder he/she wants to search in. The name of virtual folder can be assigned in the dialogue "Add Files to be Indexed" callable with button "Browse" on the "Index" tab. When searching in the index that contains virtual folders user can call the dialoge with list of virtual folders with a button "Advanced" on the Search tab. Use this dialog window to compose the query to search in the virtual folders.

With the Shareware version of Search32 you can create only 3 virtual folders.

Professional version does not have such limitation.

Shareware vs. Professional:

Starting from version 6.01 Search32 has two releases - Shareware and Professional

The Shareware version has similar functionality as a Professional version but with several restrictions:

  1. Not more than 50Mb of text contained in PDF files can be indexed in Shareware version.
  2. Not more than 3 virtual folders can be created in Shareware version

Copyrightę 2003 Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.